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I apologize in advance for this atrocity.

Your name is undyingUmbridge and right now you are freaking the fuck out.

Meeting the humans was never a good idea. You think contacting them through the internet was fine enough. But no, the Dirk human insisted that you come see him. After all, the games were over, so what harm could it do to get to know each other on a more personal level? Oh, those words make your hair curl, but you hold it together for the sake of your so called ‘mangrit.’

Despite your former protests, you are now sitting on a human-earth couch thing with said male. You’ve taken it upon yourself to sit as far away as possible, almost on the armrest. You make sure your glaring at him, not gawking, because that would be silly. You hope that if you glare enough, he would become uncomfortable and ask you to leave.

Oh, but it’s not working. Not at all. Instead, the human scum has the nerve to smirk. Is he amused by your actions? Preposterous! He should be trembling in fear by your very presence. His soft, pink human flesh would crumble beneath your claws. No, you don’t care that he seems to be skilled with the sword, he is still no match for you.

Maybe you should attack him? And of course, why not? He is so inferior. It wouldn’t take but a scratch on his arm to get him crying on his knees. Or maybe a mighty slap to the face? Oh, that would get him bending to your will almost instantly. You can just envision his tear-stricken face as he begs you to stop pinching his cheeks and tugging lightly at his hair.

“See something you like?” His voice cuts off your thought process and now you ARE gaping. How dare he insinuate such ludicrous ideas. Who does he think you are? Some common human-whore? You feel red-hot anger boiling beneath your skin. You bare your teeth in the most formidable way you can.

“Not in your fucking life!” You retort back, pointing a finger in accusation. “I was contemplating the best way to rip your face off, you filthy pervert!”

 Your words do nothing. His smirk widens significantly, and now he’s closing the distance between you two. You’re frozen, and no, you will not admit that your eyes widen. Or the fact that your mutant red blood has probably caused your face to look like some sort of earth-cherry. Shit shit shit you should run. Hide. This was scandalous! The way his eyes bore into you like that of a fearsome muscle-beast, made worse by the absence of those shades.

 He pauses, sitting only a few inches away. His knees barely touch yours, and there’s something in his gaze that makes your heart jump. Is that longing? Oh god, it is. You’re speechless, and suddenly your hands are too sweaty and your stomach feels like it is about to explode.

“You’re adorable.”  You gasp loudly as he whispers, his mouth suddenly inches from your ear, and no no no this is so wrong.  So fucked up. What does this human think he’s doing? Does he wish to copulate in whatever ways his species commits the act?

“What the fuck!” You yell, but your voice is much too shaken to hold any malice. You swallow, trying to gain control of the situation. Oh dear, you heart is moving in your chest like a newborn wiggler. Please, please don’t let this man steal your innocence.

He chuckles darkly and you jump as you feel him brush a hand against your temple. He’s touches your face and your hair. Your lips part in a silent scream, but it does nothing to deter his advances. This is it. You will no longer be fit for a matesprit. You are a filthy, dirty, used up piece of trash. He is going to taint you so bad and is this really a thing that is happening right now? Oh god.

“You like that?” His voice is low and husky. You try to retort but it comes out as a small squeak, soon melding into a pathetic moan as his free hand grasps your own. You can feel your blood heading south by the overly tender and suggestive action. He was holding you hand. Oh no, what would your sister think? Not that you give a troll’s ass about what she thinks, but still. This was too much too soon.

 The worst part of the situation isn’t even the invasion of your personal space. Nor is it the primal way he’s staring at you while licking those deliciously pink lips. No, it’s the fact that you can’t bring yourself to resist. You are so dirty. You are as much of a slut as the man sitting in front of you. He is taking away all you have held sacred in the course of your lifetime, and you are enjoying it. Your Lusus would be terribly disappointed in you right now, but you can’t bring yourself to care.

He’s staring at you now, gaze unsure as his thumb rubs small circles on the back of your hand. He’s thinking. This would be the perfect time to slip away, gracefully running out the door to never return to this planet again. But you wait.

“Can I kiss you?” The words are soft, simple, but they still cause you to flinch. How affectionate he’s being! So caring! He’s asking you! Oh, this is so disgusting and wrong. But you’re too far in to stop now. It’s too late. There is no return. You shall give up your innocence right here, to this human who you have only known through electronic means.

You nod, although hesitant in doing so. He grins, and it makes your heart do something that makes you want to vomit. You’re so nervous, but you close your eyes anyway, waiting for him to make his move.

 You stop breathing when you feel his breath on your lips, and  wow. Is he really going to kiss there? That’s so dirty! You’re shaking and sweating, but you’re also excited. You’re too scared to close the distance, so you wait and wait and wait and god damn it what is taking him so long—  oh GOD!

 He doesn’t go for your lips, but instead brushes his own against your cheek. Your eyes shoot open in shock. There’s shame rushing through your veins as you moan. Dirty, filthy, disgusting, oh but it feels so good. How can you resist? You slip your eyes closed again, curling your fingers so you too are holding his hand of which has never left yours since this scandalous deed began. It’s so hot, you can barely take it.
He pulls away all too soon, and you feel yourself whimper from the loss of contact. He’s laughing again, and it makes you frown. What is so funny? Here you were, blushing and on the verge of tears from your disgraceful actions, and he laughs like it’s some sort of joke!

“Sorry.” He says in between chuckles, and it seems so uncharacteristic for the normally apathetic human. It does not make you feel any better, though, despite how melodious the sound is to your ears.

“You’re just so…” He breaks off here, laughter dying down with his words. His lips are still twitching at the corners in his attempts to remain ‘cool.’ It isn’t working and it’s still pissing you off.

“You should have some fucking shame! How can you laugh after k-kissing me in such a way?” You try to ignore your own broken voice, as well as the tears welling up in your eyes.  “Are you done you stupid animal?” Huffing, you break contact with his hand to cross your arms. You’re entirely sure that the action must make you seem like a wiggler, but who cares?

“Done?” He smiles, actually smiles at you. You can’t keep glaring at him when he’s giving you that look, but you try anyway. You watch warily as he moves forward, leaning over you and taking your face in both his hands and oh no this is getting dirty again.

“I haven’t even started.” Without warning his lips are on yours and you want to scream because that is so messed up, but you don’t. You sit there for a moment, lost in the feel of those incredibly soft lips gracing your own, and then suddenly you’re pressing against him, the contact making your head do funny things. Your dizzy from the chaste kiss, and you know you are tainted. A filthy demon of romance. You should be ashamed, but you’re not.

 Maybe being a disgraceful slut is fine as long as he is the advantage.

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